I'm a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City, specializing in digital products and services. Having built most of my career as a contractor serving businesses of various sizes and in varying stages of development, I've had the unique opportunity to tackle many different challenges across industries including health/wellness, finance, retail, eCommerce, media, publishing and more. 
Brands I've worked with
Directly or via larger studios
What does 234 stand for?
When portfolios on CD’s were a thing it seemed like a good choice for presenting the work I had which included some packaging and motion graphics. The mailer I prepared had 3 panels labeled 2, 3, 4 and these stood for 2-dimensional work like print and photography, 3-dimensional work like paper sculpture and packaging, and 4-dimensional* work like video and motion graphics. I registered the domain 2-3-4.com soon after and stuck with it over the years. 
These days I still see it as relevant to digital product design. I think of 2D as visual/UI design on a screen, 3D as people’s spatial relation with the physical extensions of those screens (phones, watches, smart home devices, payment terminals, etc.) and 4D as UX or the way that people progress, think and feel as they interact with those screens and devices over time.
*colloquially speaking

Less serious stuff about me
Biggest career decision: Early on I turned down an internship at Pentagram for my first “big” freelance project. Yikes.  Unpopular opinion: Assembling Ikea furniture is (mostly) enjoyable.  Guilty pleasure: Toss up between playing with legos and sorting legos.  Fun fact: I was born in Brooklyn.  Last song I ruined by playing too much: A-YO by Lady Gaga.  Last thing I started but probably won’t finish reading: Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans by Stuart M. Butler, Ph.D.  Favorite flavor combo: Peanut butter and chocolate.  Favorite color: All of them.  Dog or cat? Cat.  
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