Natural Health Magazine Website Redesign

Natural Health magazine was a destination for people interested in alternative health, natural living and self-care for over four decades.

Despite its long history, the online version of this title was neglected and looked even more out of sync as the print side underwent a redesign. To get it up to speed while minimizing dev and editorial resources needed, most of the existing content and basic functionality stayed the same. The UI got a fresh look based on the new print style. The header was redesigned to include links to time-limited special content and site architecture was also cleaned up. 
This is the homepage showing a fixed header that collapsed into shorter rows after scrolling down, keeping channel links accessible on longer pages.

This page was a key screen that other tertiary pages were based on, like recipe, video and slideshow.

At the start of the redesign, I reviewed the existing site (design, content inventory) and new branding materials provided by the print team. Several sketches were evaluated by our team before narrowing down to a single direction.

One of the highlights of this project was having a fair amount of time to do visual QA with the dev team. With some detailed specs and review notes, they did a fantastic job translating the design on the front end.

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